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Thermal Insulation in Denver, CO

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What to Look at When Choosing Thermal Insulation in Denver

The denser that insulation is, the more effective that insulation will be. When choosing house insulation, it is important for you to understand the area that you live in and your specific needs based off of the weather in that area. Choose insulation that keeps your home at a good temperature and that is also durable and affordable.

Installing Thermal Insulation in Denver, CO

Efficiency level

The thermal resistance and effectiveness of wall insulation is rated. The denseness and durability of a specific type of insulation will affect its efficiency level.

Fire resistance

Insulation can protect a home from fire, and both fiberglass and mineral wool are non-combustible. These do not need a fire retardant treatment.

Noise reduction

The less noise that you deal with in your Colorado home, the more you will enjoy life. Some types of insulation support noise reduction.

Placing Thermal Wool Insulation in Your Home

Thermal Wool Insulation Improves Air Quality

The air in a home can be affected by what comes through the walls. Anything that enters the house from the outside can cause breathing issues for those living in the house. If you want the cleanest air possible in your home, choose an insulation that helps protect the air in the home and ensures that you are always breathing clean air. Thermal wool is one material option that gives you clean air.

Moisture Can Lessen in a Home When Thermal Wool Insulation is Used

As moisture gets into a home, it not only affects how it feels to breathe the air in the home, but it can also lead to issues with your home’s finishes. Paint can become moldy and mildew can grow in your bathrooms. Thermal wool helps keep moisture out of your Colorado home, protecting the entire interior simply by being installed in the walls.


made with cellulose (fiberglass, recycled paper, and cardboard)


made with polyurethane chemicals that expand and fill spaces when exposed to air


made with fiberglass and rock wool materials that are installed in rolls

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Installing Thermal Wool Insulation in Your Home

Installing Thermal Wool Insulation in Your Home

When you are looking for wall or attic insulation, thermal wool is a worthy investment. This can be added to a new home that is being built or it can be added if you notice that the house that you are living in is drafty and needing help. A Denver home insulation company like Red Rocks Home Insulation can make quick work of protecting your home by installing this type of insulation.

Experience Peace Knowing that Thermal Wool is Properly Insulating the Home

When an insulation company adds thermal wool to the walls and attic of your home, you may notice right away that your entire place feels quieter. You will also notice that the air is cleaner, you can more efficiently heat and cool the place, and there is less moisture getting inside. Investing in insulation services for your Denver metro area home helps you know you are doing everything possible to live responsibly in your home.

Save Money With Thermal Wool Insulation
Putting Thermal Insulation on the Roof

Why Choose to Have Red Rocks Home Insulation Work in Your Home?

We are a Denver home insulation company that understands the value of insulating every wall in a home. We have seen what both wool and foam insulation can do in a home and we are excited to help you update your place. Our team can be trusted to provide effective thermal insulation in Denver and other insulation services. Contact us today to find out what it will cost for you to insulate and protect your home.

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Bob H.

“After the insulation was blown into my attic, I expected to find a mess. Much to my amazement, the Red Rocks insulation installers left the work area cleaner than when they arrived”

Martha V.

“Apparently, my Red Rocks representative was right. After reflective insulation was installed in my roof area, my energy bill has been 25% lower over the last two months.”

Teddy S.

“As advertised, our Red Rocks technicians completed our roof insulation installation and left the place so clean it was as if they weren’t ever here.”

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“We were concerned about the cost of insulating the attic in our 25-year home. Those concerns we alleviated when our Red Rocks representative quoted an extraordinary price.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can thermal insulation be added to all parts of my home or only certain areas?

There are benefits to using insulation in the walls, attic, and floors of a home. We are an insulation company that will help you figure out where insulation should be added in your home and what type of insulation is appropriate for each part of the home.

My home has insulation in place already; will that insulation stay in good shape for the life of the home or does it need to be replaced?

After insulation has been in a home for a decade or two, it may not do its job as effectively as it should. We can take care of your insulation replacement needs so that you can properly protect your home as it ages.

I need help with insulation in the Denver metro area but I am concerned about what that might cost me. Are your services affordable?

We try to keep our prices fair and as affordable as possible. We are competitive with our prices, and it is important to remember that installing insulation can save you money in the long run.

How can I know that I can trust your team to meet my needs regarding thermal insulation in Denver?

We have experience. When we come to your home, we will be able to quickly figure out what is best for it because we have worked in homes just like it. We have learned how best to serve people like you through the insulation installation work that we have completed over the years.

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