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Basement Insulation in Denver, CO

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What to Look at When Choosing Basement Insulation

When looking for wall insulation for a Colorado basement, it is important for you to seek out an insulation material that reduces the amount of moisture that can get into the basement. You also want to find something that is dense and effective and something that will last a long time once it is installed in your basement.

Basement Insulation in Denver, CO

Efficiency level

Each type of foam or wool insulation is rated based on their density and their ability to stop air from getting into a home.

Fire resistance

Certain types of insulation are naturally safe from being a fire risk, making them smart picks, and those include fiberglass and mineral wool.

Noise reduction

The right insulation keeps noise from getting into and out of your basement. Choosing an insulation known for noise reduction can make life more relaxing.

Wall and Basement Insulation

Why Insulate a Basement?

When you insulate your basement, you help protect your home from outside elements. Adding basement ceiling insulation helps protect a home when the rest of the basement is going to stay unfinished, and wall insulation makes it easier for you to heat and cool your home. You can save money on your energy bill, keep moisture out of your home, and also provide your family with more living space when you insulate your basement. If you decide to contact home insulation professionals they can help you choose just the right materials and techniques based on your specific climate and the condition of your basement.

Types of Insulation Used in Basements

Whether looking for floor insulation or basement wall insulation, know that there are many options available. Spray foam insulation can be a good choice for small spaces that are hard to cover with other materials, and foam board and fiberglass are also great options. Learning about the benefits of each type of insulation can help you know how to best protect your basement.


made with cellulose (fiberglass, recycled paper, and cardboard)


made with polyurethane chemicals that expand and fill spaces when exposed to air


made with fiberglass and rock wool materials that are installed in rolls

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Basement Insulation Replacement

Listen to What Others Share About Insulating a Basement

If you have a friend who has just received help with basement insulation in Denver and they are telling you the benefits that they have noticed, pay attention to them. If they live close to you, listen as they share about the materials that worked well for them and the way that having that space insulated has changed their life. A correctly sealed, well-insulated, and moisture-shielded basement enhances comfort, leads to energy savings, boosts structural resilience, and prevents the infiltration of moisture, soil-borne gases, and potential irritants or contaminants into the dwelling.

Feel Responsible After Installing Insulation in Your Basement

The less energy that you use for heating and cooling your home, the better you feel. The more that you protect the air quality and keep moisture from creating mold and mildew in your home, the more responsible you feel. To achieve these benefits, it’s essential to work with professionals who understand the unique requirements of basement sealing, insulation, and moisture control. Feel good about the decisions that you make for your home and how you care for the place by contacting a Denver home insulation company.

Saving Money With Insulation in Your Basement
Why Contact Red Rocks Home Insulation for Help with Insulation Needs?

Why Contact Red Rocks Home Insulation for Help with Insulation Needs?

We are a Denver home insulation company that understands the value of insulating all parts of the home, including the basement. Our team can help you see the cost benefits that will come about after insulation is installed. We have been operating in the Denver, Colorado area for a good amount of time and understand the needs of people like you. Contact our knowledgeable team for help with all Denver home insulation needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your company be able to help me no matter the type of insulation that I choose for my basement?

Yes! We have experience working with all types of insulation, including foam and fiberglass insulation. Contact us so that we can give you more info about our services.

Will the insulation that you install actually help reduce the moisture that gets into my basement?

If you have issues with mold in your basement and you don’t like storing things down there because they get a musty scent to them, we can help. Many types of insulation reduce the moisture that gets into a home, including wool and reflective insulation.

I am looking to have insulation added right away because I want to get back to living regularly; will your team come quickly?

If you choose us as your Denver home insulation team, we will try to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. We understand how busy life can be and we love to get your project completed quickly so that you can move on.

I would like to learn more about the insulation options available; will someone meet with me if I contact your company?

Yes! If you would like to meet with our team, we would be happy to set up a time to get together and discuss all of your options. We will explain the benefits of different insulation products and help you see the difference each one can make when added to a basement.

Any other question?