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Sound Proofing Insulation in Denver, CO

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What To Look At When Choosing Sound Proofing Insulation

First, you need to consider several factors when it comes to home insulation. There are elements involved that can help you decide on the right kind of sound proofing walls, such as:

Allergens: Your loved ones may have allergies and skin sensitivity to certain products. Be aware of your family’s allergies before choosing an insulation product.

Eco-Friendly: Examples of eco-friendly materials include cellulose, cotton, fiberglass, and mineral wool

NRC: NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. On a scale of 0.0 to 1.0, it measures the material’s ability to absorb sound.

R-Value: R-value means the material’s resistance to the heat flower. If it has a high R-value, it resists the transfer of heat and is better at insulation.

STC: This is the most important tool for testing sound proofing. This rating measures the amount of sound that the material blocks. The higher the rating, the better for your home.

Sound Proofing Insulation

Efficiency level

While standard homes have a sound proof level of 20 dB, most conversations are up to 60 dB. There are two types of efficiency levels: low/medium and high performance.

Fire resistance

Fire resistance means that it can withstand smoke and fire for a certain period of time. Materials like fiberglass or mineral wool contain fire-resistant properties.

Noise reduction

Don’t rely on a certain insulation or material to get noise reduction benefits. Any insulation will offer some element of sound proofing, depending on the amount.

Sound Proofing Insulation Benefits

Sound Proofing Benefits

There are so many benefits to sound proofing a room. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to hear yourself think, let alone your loved ones speak. Noise can be frustrating for those with hearing impairments.

You’ll notice improved communication since sound insulation in Denver improves noises by 50 to 60 decibels. You also remove any preconceived notions that you have about your noisy neighbors. By eliminating noise with a Denver home insulation company, your relations will improve as a result.

Types Of Sound Proofing Insulation

When it comes to choosing sound proofing walls in Colorado, the best types of materials are fiberglass, cotton, and mineral wool. Each of these has positive components that sound proof your space.

Cotton absorbs high-frequency sounds and it’s the lightest option of the three. Mineral wood is the most expensive, but it has a favorable NRC. Meanwhile, fiberglass is one of the best options because it contains recycled material. Its barrier blocks out sound as well as internal and external temperatures.


made with cellulose (fiberglass, recycled paper, and cardboard)


made with polyurethane chemicals that expand and fill spaces when exposed to air


made with fiberglass and rock wool materials that are installed in rolls

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Savings if Sound Proofing in Denver

Let’s also talk about the savings that you’ll get from insulating. By introducing sound proofing insulation for walls, you’ll get energy benefits that also improve your heating bills. You’ll no longer find yourself dreading to open your monthly bills.

A sound proof room has denser walls and more insulated windows and doors. This translates to cost savings when it comes to heating your home in those cold Denver winters.


Sound proofing is one of the most boring jobs you will do in your home. It’s not fun, but it can give you that peace and quiet you’ve been craving. There are so many options when it comes to sound proofing. There are added benefits such as less stress and more enjoyment in your area. Plus, you’ll be able to connect with your loved ones once again. There’s no better time than now to work with a Denver home insulation company.

Choose Red Rocks Home Insulation for your sound proofing needs. Our Denver sound proofing company can help you with your particular issue involving noise. We understand how frustrating it can be to not communicate with your family and get quiet enjoyment. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cheapest solution for sound proofing in Denver?

The most cost-effective solution for sound proofing in Denver is fiberglass, which is fire-resistant and eco-friendly. It’s no wonder why it’s so popular among homeowners.

What type of material should I use to sound proof my home?

The best material is one that provides the thickest insulation. That’s why you use the R-level to determine the efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more it absorbs sound levels.

What can I use for sound deadening?

Mineral wood is recommended for sound deadening. It’s also the most expensive way to sound proof your home.

Will sound proofing solve my noise problem?

Yes, it can work. However, it only works when used with other products. You should use a combination of materials, such as acoustic chalk, acoustic panels, or drywall. For example, a sound proof room requires the use of many insulation techniques and layers.

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