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What to Look at When Choosing Insulation

Insulating your home or business is not something you want to have to worry about on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important that you choose the right insulation the first time. To do that, you need a clear understanding of what types of insulation are available and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type. While a reputable insulation company in Denver like Red Rocks Home Insulation can help you make the right choice, here are some criteria you should consider.

What to Look at When Choosing Insulation

Efficiency level

The efficiency level of insulation relates to its ability to resist thermal heat. That ability is measured by an R-Value rating with the higher numbers being better.

Fire resistance

When a fire starts in the wall or attic, you’ll want to make sure you have chosen an insulation that acts to reduce the spread of the fire as opposed to one that adds fuel to it.

Noise reduction

If noise from the outside or going from room to room could be an issue, you’ll be glad to learn some insulations are better than others at reducing noise.

How Reflective Insulation Works

How Reflective Insulation Works

Heat reflective insulation is a multi layer insulation manufactured with aluminum foil or aluminized polyester. When these materials are hit with thermal heat radiation, they reflect the heat away from the areas they are protecting.

Reflective foil insulation is best suited for use in unventilated cavity walls and as a roof insulation for pitched or angled roofs that get a lot of exposure to the sun. That’s why this type of insulation is a big seller in warmer environments.

Types of Ceiling Insulation

You will need to make a decision about the type of insulation you want. To do that, you’ll want to consider your overall objectives and your budget. Here are some of the types of insulation we can offer in the Denver metro area:


made with cellulose (fiberglass, recycled paper, and cardboard)


made with polyurethane chemicals that expand and fill spaces when exposed to air


made with fiberglass and rock wool materials that are installed in rolls

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Benefits of Reflective Insulation

Benefits of Reflective Insulation

To better understand why reflective foil insulation might be your best option, you should take a look at the following benefits of this insulation option:

  • Works very well in big building structures found in warmer climates
  • It ages well and doesn’t degrade over time
  • It’s waterproof and moisture resistant
  • It’s very easy to work with because of its light weight
  • It doesn’t emit toxic chemicals


Of course, there are a few minor disadvantaged you might encounter with this insulation option, The potential disadvantages include the following:

  • As a metal-based product that doesn’t degrade, it tends to be more expensive
  • Needs complimentary insulation in cooler environments
  • Conducts electricity, making it an electrical hazard
  • Requires a little more maintenance to keep it clean for optimal effectiveness
Disadvantages of Reflective Insulation
How to Save Money With Reflective Insulation

How to Save Money With Reflective Insulation

Because of its high R-Value rating, heat reflective insulation helps with climate control within the home or business facility. That plays a huge role in improving the efficiency of HVAC systems, which translates to lower gas and electric bill costs.

While this option might be a little more expensive than other options, that extra cost is offset over time by consistently lower utility bills.

The Benefits of Choosing Red Rocks Home Insulation

If you are looking to install reflective attic insulation in Denver’s metro areas, Red Rocks Home Insulation would be the right call for insulation services in Denver.

Of course, you do have other choices. However, we have worked very hard to establish a stellar reputation in the Denver area. We have done that by offering a full menu of insulation services in Denver. That includes the removal and installation of many types of insulation for homes and businesses.

We can attribute our success to a team of well-trained professional insulation technicians. They work fast and efficiently to meet the needs of customers like you. They always do the job right and leave the work area looking better than when they started. Best of all, you’ll appreciate our affordable prices that are supported by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

When you are ready to address your insulation needs, we urge you to call Red Rocks Home Insulation for a consultation and price estimate.

The Benefits of Choosing Red Rocks Home Insulation in Denver, CO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since I live in the Denver area, what kind of insulation would you recommend for my roof?

While we do recommend reflective attic insulation in Denver metro areas, we would suggest that you combine it with another type of insulation for better protection in the winter months. We might recommend that you use insulation for the walls or a good blown-in cellulose insulation material for the attic and roof.

If I am building a new house in the Denver area, is it necessary to insulate the exterior walls?

Absolutely. The winters can get very cold in the higher elevations in the Denver area. You need good insulation in your exterior walls to stay warm and take some of the stress off of your heating system.

Is it possible to install reflective foil insulation myself as a DIY project?

 If you fancy yourself as a good all-purpose carpenter around the home, you could do it on your own. However, a professional insulation company like Red Rocks Home Insulation is manned by experts who would likely complete the installation process quicker and more efficiently than you could on your own. Remember, our prices are very affordable for installation services.

How much will it cost to insulate my attic?

Before we could give a meaningful estimate, we would need several pieces of information. We would need to know the type of insulation you want, the square footage to be insulated, and the overall design of your attic area. If you want to give us a call, we would be happy to come out and give you an estimate.

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