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Home Insulation Installation in Denver, CO

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What to look at when choosing insulation

When purchasing insulation, consider more than the insulation installation cost in Denver. You need to consider what is actually affecting your energy bill. If the cost of heating your house is making you cringe each time you receive a bill, seek out insulation that blocks the wind, provides a good seal, and can be installed right away.

Insulation installation in Denver

Efficiency level

The thermal resistance of each type of insulation is rated. The higher the rating, the greater the reduction seen on your energy bills.

Fire resistance

Some insulation puts your home at risk of fire but others reduce the chance of fire. Choose insulation made of a fire resistant material.

Noise reduction

Tired of being the noisiest home in your neighborhood? Certain types of insulation reduce the sound that comes into and goes out of your home.

Protect Air Quality in Your Denver Home

Use Insulation to Protect Air Quality in Your Home

Depending on the environment in the area where your home is set up, you might have pollutants coming into your home. If you don’t like the scents that come into the place and you are concerned about the air that you and your family are breathing, know that properly insulating your home can keep pollutants out. You have control over the quality of the air that your family breathes in when you insulate your Denver, Colorado house or an apartment.

What to Install and How to Install It

Blown in insulation by Denver wall insulation company is a great choice if your walls are already in place. There’s no point taking out good sheetrock or plaster to put up fiberglass batts.

Unless you have areas of your home that you close off in extreme temperatures, choosing the most energy efficient insulation for your interior walls doesn’t have to be your first choice. Blown in insulation, handled by a professional, can make a huge difference in your home.


made with cellulose (fiberglass, recycled paper, and cardboard)


made with polyurethane chemicals that expand and fill spaces when exposed to air


made with fiberglass and rock wool materials that are installed in rolls

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Insulation May Keep Mold from Developing in Your Home

Insulation May Keep Mold from Developing in Your Home

Mold can be scary when it is found in a home. As much as you try to look after your place, if it is not properly insulated there is a chance for moisture to get in and mold to develop. Wall insulation can keep your home from getting damp, helping you stay warmer and more comfortable and also helping to keep mold from being a problem. Simply contact us to check your mold prevention options with us.

Cold Weather Will Not Bother You When Your Home is Insulated

It isn’t fun to sit down in your bedroom or office only to notice cold air hitting against you. A home that is not properly insulated can let in a draft that makes you uncomfortable. Let heat fill your home by properly insulating the place and keeping wind from getting inside. Making a home improvement like adding insulation foam or another type of insulation all throughout your home can keep cold weather from bothering you; you’ll just want to stay tucked inside where you are nice and warm.

Cold Weather Will Not Bother You the Same When Your Home is Insulated
Learning More About the Insulation Installation Cost

Learning More About the Insulation Installation Cost

Having an energy-efficient home is important to you but it is hard for you to imagine paying for a big home improvement project right now. The home insulation process does not have to cost more than you can afford to pay and it can be done little by little. The price will differ depending on the type of installation you use and the amount of space that you cover with it, and you can keep things affordable.

A Denver Insulation Company Can Change How You Feel About Cold Weather

No one wants you to suffer each evening as you try to get warm in your Denver, Colorado home. Not only can wall insulation make your place more energy-efficient and leave you worrying about your bills a little less, but it can also help you feel comfortable without piling blankets on top of you. Contact Red Rocks Home Insulation to learn more about the costs and benefits associated with an insulation installation.

A Denver Insulation Company Can Change How You Feel About Cold Weather

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“I wasn’t sure what kind of insulation I needed for soundproofing a room, but my Red Rocks Insulation representative was right on target with their recommendation. Much appreciated!”

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“After the insulation was blown into my attic, I expected to find a mess. Much to my amazement, the Red Rocks insulation installers left the work area cleaner than when they arrived”

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“Apparently, my Red Rocks representative was right. After reflective insulation was installed in my roof area, my energy bill has been 25% lower over the last two months.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about insulation installation in Denver; can your team give me all of the answers that I need?

Is the roof a part of the home that can be insulated?

It is! We can add insulation to your roof to make your home more energy-efficient lowering your bills as well. You may be surprised at the difference in heat retention and air quality that you notice as soon as the roof is professionally insulated.

Will I know how much I am going to spend on the insulation installation before the work is started?

We will do our best to give you a good estimate of what we think it will cost for you to both pay for the insulation that you will have to buy and also cover the cost of our team working for you.

Am I going to be left with a big mess after the installation work is completed?

No. We never want to bring more stress to your life by leaving you with something like a mess that you have to clean up. We will take care of the mess that we create before we leave so that you can simply enjoy the work that we have done and the warmer home that you get to relax in.

Any other question?